About the artist

That’s how I got the idea of the Pokidots! keepsakes.


Being a fashion illustrator was very convenient: I created fashion illustrations of my little girls, the way I imagined their faces all grown up, and I dressed them up with their outgrown clothes that were the most precious to me. Now, not only do I have my sweet memories displayed as pieces of art that mean the world to me, but it also became so much easier for me to peacefully part with the other items that I wanted to keep.

A few months after that, Pokidots! was born, and preserving these wonderful memories for other parents too gave my work a great purpose, and became my passion. Since then, Pokidots! has been growing, because of supporters and clients like you.


I love receiving the tiny piece of clothing for each keepsake, working meticulously to seize its best parts, and (when I'm lucky enough to do so) observing my clients' expressions when they see the finished piece, instantly reminding them of cherished memories.

The most meaningful part of creating these keepsakes for you is hearing the special stories behind the specific baby items you choose to send me. I have worked with many hospital blankets that wrapped babies in the very first minutes of their lives, with vintage blouses from the 1940s, old blankets that were kept in boxes for decades, and countless pajamas and dresses that moms just couldn't get themselves to part with! 

Your story is unique, and so is your keepsake ❤

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Zuri's keepsake made with her baby dress, by Pokidots!
Pokidots! interview with KOMO News TV in Seattle.