Hello! I am Louma; Seattle-based artist and founder of Pokidots!

I’m a mom of two little girls, Laurie and Leina, and a fashion illustrator and artist living in the beautiful Seattle area. I have been an illustrator and artist all my life; I studied fashion design in Montreal, Canada, and specialized in fashion illustration and product design. 


Pokidots only exists because I became a mother. As I was putting away my daughters' outgrown baby clothes, some items just had a special pull -- I could not get myself to part with them! I felt like I was giving away a piece of my heart, a part of my story. 

That's why I made the first keepsakes for my girls. I drew their faces how I imagined them all grown up (*tears*) and dressed up their illustrations with their baby clothes that I wanted to keep. Oh how I love my keepsakes ❤

They are our sweet baby memories, and a peek to the future all at once.

Pokidots! artist, Louma El-Khoury, creating her daughter's keepsake.

Your child's favorite outgrown outfit is stored away in a special box or lost among piles of more outgrown clothes. You won't give it away because of the beautiful memories and the feeling of joy it holds, that only you know. Imagine how freeing it would be to have it displayed on the wall instead. You can make these memories part of your daily life, instead of letting them be forgotten in a box that's just sitting somewhere.

I believe that your environment is the hub of your happiness. Elevate it and surround yourself with the things that spark joy, things that inspire you, or that bring back the happy memories of precious moments, and notice how your daily life becomes more joyful.


The Pokidots keepsakes contribute to that by giving you a creative way to display your memories: A custom, beautiful piece of art that subtly tells your story, and that is uniquely you.

" This keepsake is amazing, and so much better than I imagined! These tiny pajamas were tucked away in a box and this has been a wonderful way to look at them, cherish the memories, and share with guests in our home. I can't thank you enough for the beautiful keepsake. I will cherish it always 💗💗💗 "

- Amanda M. via Instagram comment.

It's so rewarding to know that the Pokidots keepsakes are now being cherished by families all over the world. All the memories captured, all the stories told, all the gratitude and positive memories and milestones preserved in keepsakes in homes around the world is what Pokidots is all about. 

I love what I do, and I thank you, my clients and my supporters, for trusting me with your most precious items and sharing my work with your friends ❤

Other than my keepsake work, my passion is fashion illustration (that's how the keepsakes started!) I had paused it a bit to focus on growing Pokidots. Now that it's established, and that the DIY line is finally live and growing, I am gradually giving the illustration more time again.

I have a consistent yoga practice, and I love to challenge myself to learn new skills from scratch. I like baking, mostly cakes and breads, cycling and running, and I love hiking with my family.

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Zuri's keepsake made with her baby dress, by Pokidots!
Pokidots! interview with KOMO News TV in Seattle.