You are two steps away from receiving the piece of art that holds your most cherished memories ❤

Pokidots! baby keepsake - Balloons - Madeline Elle
Pokidots! baby keepsake - Camping - Reed
Pokidots! baby keepsake - Custom - Zuri
Pokidots! baby keepsake - Shoes - Zuri
Pokidots! baby keepsake - Sailboat - Mark
Pokidots! baby keepsake - Heart - Gabriel
Pokidots! baby keepsake - Balloon - Leon

"These are more than decorative art, they will become treasured heirlooms to pass on."

-- J.O.

"I literally squealed with excitement. I can't say enough how much I love it!"
-- D.A. 

"This keepsake will be treasured and loved for so many years. Thank you so so much for this."
-- J.H.

"I loved the personalization:
my girls do actually look as I imagine them all grown up!"
-- S.M.

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