Free coloring pages for kids


Print these pages at home for your kids to color! Tag @pokidots on Instagram to show me how they colored. I'd love to see!


What we have been coloring with

Current favorite drawing materials.

Favorite children's books


Some of the children's books that we love most. I have more on my list of books to buy and will be adding to the favorites. They all are beautifully written and beautifully illustrated, and I highly recommend you check them out, and tell me what you think! My girls, Laurie and Leina, are 7 and 5 right now.


Recommended parenting books

I will forever be a student of gentle parenting, and it has been my most wonderful role. Here are some books/resources I recommend. Let me know if you have a good book to add to my list!




Favorite gift and memory boxes


Beautiful boxes I use to gift baby items, with tissue paper inside, or to store some precious baby items--as mentioned in the Pokidots clean-up program.


Pokidots keepsakes


The unique, personalized keepsakes made with your child's baby clothes. Check out the styles available and let me know what you would use for your keepsake!

Fashion baby keepsake by Pokidots!
Sailboat baby keepsake by Pokidots!

Memory-making quiz

What kind of memory maker are you? Just a fun quiz to pass the time, get to know your family style a little better, and discover how you tend to make memories :) Click here!


*None of the items or companies above are sponsored and I don't receive any commission on any sales! They are true favorites in our home :)