" Louma, thank you for the time and care you took to carefully craft these precious keepsakes with our daughter's clothes! The finished products are true masterpieces and bring such joy to my heart when I see them! These are more than decorative art, they will become treasured heirlooms to pass on. The work you did with the hair on the fashion design was extraordinary; I'm honored to display these frames!"

- Janny O, via email.
Baby fashion keepsake with custom illustration and baby hot air balloon keepsake for her daughter.

" [Sophie's keepsake] arrived... and WOW! Pure magic! Just wow... You are gifted! I cannot wait to show it off tomorrow :) Thank you, thank you."

- Sandra S. via email.

Baby fashion keepsake.

" I am beyond speechless with your masterpieces! It couldn’t have been more perfect than what I envision Chloe to be when she is an adult! The attention to all the details to your work is so special to us!! I love how Eli’s sailboat just pops out at us! It’s perfect! The earrings and the bracelet for Chloe is so accurate of her personality already!  This is the perfect birthday gift for myself! Your package came just in time for my birthday (tomorrow) but I just couldn’t resist and had to open it tonight! We will forever cherish these keepsakes. Thank you so much for making our memories live on in such a unique way!"

- Lan T. via email.
Baby fashion keepsake and sailboat keepsake for siblings.


" I immediately opened the package and couldn't believe how amazingly beautiful the keepsake turned out! Your ability to design the keepsakes in a way that includes all of the perfect little details is extraordinary. All along I had been thinking about the little star that was a part of the coat zipper. It took me a minute to realize you had included it in the keepsake and I couldn't be happier. I cannot thank you enough for not steering me away from the fashion keepsake when I was hesitant. It is everything I envisioned and then so much more."

- Michelle T. via email.
Baby fashion keepsake with custom illustration.


" This keepsake is amazing, and so much better than I imagined! These tiny pajamas were tucked away in a box and this has been a wonderful way to look at them, cherish the memories, and share with guests in our home. I can't thank you enough for the beautiful keepsake. I will cherish it always 💗💗💗 "

- Amanda M. via Instagram comment.
Baby fashion keepsake.


" I opened it [the package] last night and literally squealed with excitement. I love it SO much!!! Thank you for helping us keep one of her precious baby outfits as a part of her life forever. I can't say enough how much I love it. And thank you so much for the lavender satchel; lavender is my favorite scent :) I absolutely love your work!"

- Danah A. via email.

Baby fashion keepsake.

" I saw these keepsakes before my baby was born and I knew I had to order one. I was torn on what to send and it took me 4 months to decide because I did not want to let anything of his go. Once I decided on the perfect outfit, I felt great because I can display an artistic version of it and not just store the outfit to collect dust. I cannot wait to order another keepsake for my next baby. Thank you Pokidots for the beautiful artwork and the amount of love and care you put into it. It shows."

- Victoria C. via website.

Baby hot air balloon keepsake.


" Guys, how freaking adorable is this baby keepsake from @pokidots?! Stunning in person! I can’t wait to hang it up in B’s room. Thank you to my amazing coworkers for this treasure of a gift."

- Paulina Z. via Instagram.

Baby hot air balloon keepsake redeemed with a voucher that
was given to her by her colleagues at her baby shower party!

At the time of ordering: 

" The kitty represents her favorite cat that went missing last December... It will definitely be a lifelong keepsake!"

When the keepsake was received:
" OMG!!! I almost started crying! It exceeded my expectations! So adorable and precious! You really did a wonderful job! I’ll keep this for Christmas, we’ll be with my mom, who gave this dress to Sofia and who was with us when we got Stormy, the cat... Thanks so much!!!!"

After Christmas :)
" Sofia loved it! It was bitter sweet! She was very taken by it!!! Thanks so much for such an incredible job! I know she will cherish it forever!!!"

- Sandra C. via Instagram.

Baby fashion keepsake.

" I usually don't even write reviews or spend time on feedbacks, but... Today we received the frame and I have to say I almost cried (can't blame hormones anymore since my baby is 8 months old already!!)-- I just love it. That's all I wanted to say."

- Agnieszka J. via email.

Baby hot air balloon keepsake.


" I received my keepsake in the mail today, thank you so much! It's beautiful! I really appreciate your sensitivity and generosity towards me. You are very talented and professional, and thank you so much for the surprise voucher!"

- Tracy C. via email.

Fashion keepsake with custom illustration, for angel baby.

Later shared on Instagram:

" I sent her Callie’s dress and she used it to create a beautiful picture of Callie. This is what she imagines Callie looking like when she is older from pictures I sent her. It’s absolutely beautiful and such a treasure to have. It feels a little like making beauty from ashes, as this dress is so painful as it’s the last outfit she wore, but I’m thankful @pokidots created something beautiful from it. A big thank you to Louma from @pokidotswho was incredibly generous, sensitive, and professional. Check out her site to create your own baby keepsake or gift it to someone 💗"


" I don't even have the words to express how much I love it (and Molly does too)!!!!! This was Molly's little Christmas dress, and now we get to put it up on our wall as a gorgeous piece of artwork. Thank you!!" and "This keepsake will be treasured and loved for so many years. Thank you so so much for this."

- Jennifer H., via Instagram.

Baby fashion keepsake with custom illustration.

" It takes sensitivity, attention to detail, talent, creativity, and lots love to make these keepsakes. Louma embodies all these qualities which makes her the perfect artist to create these personalized pieces of art. 

Handling Yasma's baby clothes is like handling our most precious memories, and Louma did it with such grace and enthusiasm.

We LOVE our keepsake and we are very grateful for her.

- Carol M., via email.

Baby fashion keepsake with custom illustration.

" Seeing Yasma's keepsake made with first birthday dress hung on the wall was such an emotional moment for me. [Grandma talking about the keepsake reviewed above :)] 

What a wonderful idea! I immediately wanted to have my own keepsake made with my grand-daughter's first Christmas dress, and I requested it with a hat. 

I will never forget Louma's smile when I handed her the dress. I felt that she understood how much this dress meant to me, and a couple of days later she gave me the most precious work of art that I own. THANK YOU Louma."

- Nawal M., via email.

Baby fashion keepsake with custom illustration.

" I absolutely love it, it turned out so great! I can't wait till Father's Day. [...] Thanks for making this gift so personal and for being so easy to work with. It is evident that you love what you do!"

- Ashley L., via email.

Baby heart keepsake.


" Louma is an amazing artist and I've always admired her work, passion, and dedication. I'm in love with Zuri's keepsake and I'm lucky to have won this piece. I'm obsessed with big hair so this keepsake is a great piece for my baby and I and is a good reminder of my baby Zuri when she was so little and I was so excited to dress her up.

Having won this piece makes me want to get another one! I'm looking for another outfit that brings back memories of my chubby baby. She is growing up so fast!

Thank you so much for this sophisticated piece to hang in my little girl's room. 

- Kifaya D., via email.

Baby fashion keepsake with custom illustration.

" Louma, thank you for Mark's keepsake... It brought tears to my eyes ❤️ I knew it would be wonderfully made but it was so so much better than I expected! The details, the perfection, the presentation in the frame and the frame itself are amazing!! I love everything about it and wouldn't change a thing 😊!"

- Samar M., via Facebook.

Purchased a sailboat keepsake for her baby boy, then followed with a sibling bundle for her older girls (below).

" These are my three kids keepsakes. They are such unique, wonderfully made pieces of art, I had to display them in our living room for everyone, us and guests, to enjoy. I loved the personalization: my girls look as I imagine them all grown up! Louma elevated the pink worn-out blanket to a new level, and letting the brown flowery dress escape the inside frame made the picture so dynamic. And the sailboat is for my little newest addition: 'my little prince.' Thank you, Louma, for your creativity and exceptional art. These will be my new baby shower gifts."

- Samar M., via email.

Baby fashion keepsakes (sibling bundle) with custom illustrations, plus the sailboat reviewed above :)

" Hi Louma!

We received our keepsake today and it is better than I could have imagined! Everything was beautifully done. I can't wait to give it to the grandparents. They will be so touched to have something that contains the very first item that our daughter wore.

Thanks so much for giving me a unique way to remember the birth of my little girl."

- Alicia E., via email.

Baby fashion keepsake with custom illustration (first order as a gift to grandparents).

" Louma, [Selene's second keepsake] is just as beautiful as the first; we can't wait to put it up on the wall. This is the dress she wore on her first birthday, and I will be giving her this keepsake on her wedding day if she gets married."

- Alicia E., via email.

Baby fashion keepsake with custom illustration (second order for client to keep).

I'm SO in love with this new piece of art for Owen's room! My neighbor Louma is an amazingly talented illustrator and I love her idea of using pieces of clothing from the newborn stage that moms save and making something that we can hang on our walls and pass on to our kids when they have babies. I had saved a few outfits of Owen's from when he was a baby and they were stuffed in a drawer gathering dust [...]. Now it's the cutest sailboat that will adorn his bedroom wall. Thank you so much, Louma!"

- Christie L., via Facebook.

Baby sailboat keepsake.

The keepsake arrived and my wife loved it! (I do too.) It's a really nice way to save a precious memory. It's really great and we are very happy we did it."

- Robert L., via email.

Baby hot air balloon keepsake given to his wife on Mother's Day.


Thank you for your wonderful work @pokidots! It made our wedding journey even more memorable. Weddings are for parents, family and friends, but this keepsake is a nice gift from a bride to herself. It's amazing how you replicated every single detail. Keep up the great work!"

- Hourie T., via Instagram.

Bridal keepsake with custom illustration.