Pokidots values​

June 7, 2020.
In light of the current events, I feel like I have to say what's on my mind. Large companies are expected to take a stand on what they support, and I believe that even as a small business, I owe it to you, my supporters and clients, to speak up for what Pokidots stands for.

Here is why:
After what has been happening the past weeks and months, since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, I realized that I have supported companies that don't stand for the values that are important to me; the basic values which to me, make life sustainable and possible for everyone, equally. I was ashamed about cheering for companies that might have great products in their storefront, but that conduct business unethically or spread hate behind the scenes -- two things that can easily go hand in hand. I stopped following and buying from these companies and I have committed to researching more and knowing more about who I choose to support with my time and money. As a business, I thought it would be helpful to be open about my values and make them easily accessible for these two reasons:

1. So you could stand by Pokidots if we have the same values, or

2. So you could choose to unfollow Pokidots if you mind being associated with these causes.
In general, Pokidots stands for kindness, justice, and inclusivity.
With that said, I stand behind fighting for equal opportunities for black people everywhere and putting an end to racism. Focusing on black lives does not in any way cancel out the suffering and discrimination of others. The spotlight is constantly moving, and right now, black communities may be what needs it here in the States. It doesn't mean that the lights are off on everything else. In fact, it is an eye opener on what other injustices need our awareness and help.

I support all kinds of love between consenting adults. How people choose to love each other is none of my business, nor do I think it is the business of any outsider to judge what is a right or wrong way to love.

Of course, I support equality for women. I have two little girls, and I hope by the time they are teenagers, this won't be an issue anymore.

I think equal opportunity in education for everyone globally is of utmost importance. Everyone deserves a chance to make a difference in the world and be properly informed in order to make wise decisions and take the right actions regarding all these topics, among others.

I also support our planet and I believe climate change is real. I try to reduce my environmental footprint by reducing waste in my own lifestyle and supporting organizations that do the same.

I don't judge what lifestyle one chooses to live as long as it stands against violence of all kinds: physical, mental (bullying/manipulation), or digital/cyber violence. I am against all practices that allow violence, or that are interpreted as such, regardless of where (history/books/law) or whom (leader/expert/holiness) this is coming from. Violence is not okay in any way and under any circumstance.

Those are the main topics that people usually debate and I wanted to be open on where I stand, generally. I am completely comfortable with these values and sharing them here feels right to me.
Everyone deserves an equal opportunity for life and dignity.

The way I support these causes is by supporting companies that also stand for the same values, and that make a difference towards these causes, by buying their products/services (researching now more than ever), and donating to organizations that actively fight against these injustices. As a family, we help by voting for the leaders we think would steer us in the direction of justice and equality.

Before I wrap up, I also wanted to mention the importance of researching and reading in order to make well-informed decisions. Having an open mind to challenge initial beliefs that may have been "transferred" to us in search for what we think is fair. I am not an expert on any of these topics but I am educated, and constantly learning.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to ask about other important causes I support, please don't hesitate to email me at keepsakes@pokidots.com *

* I will be happy to answer you, though I will obviously not tolerate or respond to rudeness and bullying :)