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1. How can I customize my keepsake?

In the personalization gallery you will see all the keepsake styles available, and under each one, a list of the personalization options offered for it. After you view your choices, click on the corresponding button to start your order where you will be able to select these options for your keepsake. The video below shows the easy process:


The collection of keepsakes is growing, and I am always open to suggestions from you!


2. How do I give you my customization choices?


The personalization gallery lists all the options that are available to customize your keepsake. Look them over and make your choices. After you have reviewed and decided on the options, go to the shop, select the keepsake style you would like, and in the checkout process, you will be asked to select all your choices.


3. How do I send you the outfit I would like to use for my keepsake?


If you are located in the US: Once you place your order through the website, I will email you a mailing label that you can print and use to send me your outfit/fabric in an envelope. Just make sure the weight doesn't exceed 1 lb. If you are ordering more than one keepsake, the weight limit will be higher.

If you are located outside the US: Once you place your order through the website, I will give you the studio address to which you can mail me your outfit/fabric in an envelope, using the shipping method of your choice.


4. How do I apply the sibling bundle discount if I am purchasing 2, 3, or 4 keepsakes?


If you are purchasing more than one keepsake, make your choices for each one separately, add them to the cart, and when you are ready to check out, you will find in the cart a link to "Enter your special code." Click on it, and there you can enter your sibling discount code: 

2 keepsakes: $50 off with code 2SIBLINGS, 3 keepsakes: $85 off with code 3SIBLINGS, and 4 keepsakes: $110 off with code 4SIBLINGS. When you enter the code and you click "Apply," the discount will be reflected in the final amount and you are now ready to pay and send your order! Easy peasy :)

5. How do I order a fashion keepsake with a custom girl illustration?


Here is the link to order a fashion keepsake with a custom girl illustration. The face of the girl will be custom drawn, following photos you send me. If it is a keepsake for an adult or grown child, the drawing will be customized to be inspired by her (more details in the next paragraph below). If it is a keepsake for a younger girl or a baby, the drawing will be inspired by what I imagine her to look like as an adult! So far my clients have been pleased with my drawings :)

Further steps will be sent to you by email once your order has been placed, such as pictures needed for me to do the illustration.

Here are examples of custom girl illustrations. Photos of the girls (older) were sent to me to mimic in the illustrations, but the original photos cannot be shared for privacy reasons. Only the baby pictures are agreed to be shared by Pokidots! Check out the Pokidots! instagram account for more photos.

Sawyer's fashion keepsake with custom illustration, by Pokidots!
Selene's fashion keepsake with custom illustration, by Pokidots!

A few more details about the custom illustrations of the girls:


​All my illustrations are created in my signature fashion illustration style: all girls are rather thin and tall, their eyes are closed, they are "floating," and they are wearing ballerina-style flats. The face and hair of the custom illustrated girl will be inspired by a picture of the baby or girl you send me. I will draw what I imagine her to look like when she is grown up. Customization includes face traits, hair style and color, skin color, and any specific traits I find, such as freckles or special birth marks.

If you would like a keepsake with a custom girl illustration, please follow this link to the "Custom fashion keepsake w/custom base illustration" listing in the shop. I will email you next steps once I receive your order.

If you have any questions or if you would like to personalize your keepsake differently, I am open to suggestions. Actually, I love suggestions and I often keep them as permanent services ;) Reach me at

Sarah and Yasma's fashion keepsakes with custom illustrations, by Pokidots!

6. How is the final piece shipped?


The final piece is beautifully and carefully wrapped and shipped in a corrugated cardboard box with paper and/or air bag fillings. There will be "FRAGILE" labels on the box, because the final framed piece is fragile and should be treated as such!

Check out this cool video of the packaging process :) click on the picture below.


7. How long does it take for me to receive my keepsake after I order it?


One keepsake: within 24 hours of your order, I will email you the shipping label that you need to use to send me the items of clothing to be used for your keepsake. During this time, I will be preparing the customized base illustration with the choices you made with your order. After I receive the items of clothing, allow 4 to 6 weeks for your order to be completed and shipped. Once I mail it, I will send you a shipping notice email with the tracking number. Once they are mailed, the keepsakes typically arrive within 2 to 3 days with USPS Priority Mail in the US, 7 to 10 days in Canada, and 2 to 3 weeks everywhere else.

For multiple keepsakes, it takes longer. I will contact you if you order more than one piece to give you an accurate estimate.


8. How do you cut the clothes and which parts do you use?


I like to seize the best parts of the outfit you send me. If there are graphics or embroideries, I definitely try to include most of them in the final artwork. As much as possible, I like to use closures, such as buttons, snaps, and zippers. Trims, piping, and special details are also used in the keepsakes if the design allows.


Most importantly, if the piece of clothing is stained, I like to use the stained part. This shows that the piece was worn and worn out and that it packs many precious memories. 


9. What do you do with the unused fabric?


I typically discard the unused pieces when the finished keepsake has been delivered. The idea of the keepsakes is to transform the clothes you've kept in the drawer into works of art, not give you a work of art and something to still keep in your drawer :)


10. Do you use any other material?


If I see fit, I add material from my own collection to complete the pieces, such as tulle, ribbons, lace, rhinestones, and other accessories as accents. I also sew pieces together and sometimes paint over them to create a beautiful, clean finish.


11. How big is the final piece?


The illustration area is 8x10 inches, and the frame is 12x16 inches. I'm 5'4", and the frame goes approximately from my nose to my belly button :)

A white window mat is included; a colored mat can be used on some styles.

Keepsake size, by Pokidots!

12. What is the frame made of?


The frame is made of particleboard and has a laminate finish (your choice of color from the options available at the time you order). The glazing is made of a durable plastic which has three benefits over a glass glazing: it makes the frame safer to use in a nursery, it reduces the glare so the art can be seen better, and it makes shipping safer and more secure.


13. What is the base illustration printed on?


The base illustration is printed on Canson archival fine art paper, using high-quality inks. The paper is acid-free.

The window mat included is also acid-free so it preserves the quality of the paper.


14. Is the final piece hand-signed?


Yes, the final piece will be hand-signed by me once completed, and there will be a personalized note on the back that includes care instructions for the keepsake and a little surprise for you :)


15. What are the keepsake vouchers and how can they be used?


When you purchase a keepsake voucher, you will receive a unique code that can be used one time to redeem one custom keepsake. If you choose the card voucher, a card will be mailed to you (or to a recipient of your choice) in an envelope with a ribbon. The unique code will be printed on the back of the card. If you choose the digital voucher, an email containing your unique code will be sent to you (or to a recipient of your choice).

One voucher code can be used to redeem any one baby keepsake from the shop. Voucher codes cannot be used for custom fashion illustrations. If you have a baby keepsake voucher and would like to have a fashion keepsake with custom illustration, please contact me.

Once the keepsake is ready to be redeemed with the code, go through the usual ordering process on the website, including making all your personalization choices. At checkout, enter the code number of your voucher in the "coupon" field, and the price of the keepsake will be waived.


Continue checking out to pay for the shipping of your keepsake, and you are done! The rest of the process is the same as when you purchase a keepsake without a code (see questions 2 to 5).


16. I purchased a keepsake and made my choices. How long after I receive the mailing label do I have to send you the items of clothing to be used in the keepsake?


There's no limit to when you can send me the clothes, but of course, since you placed your order, I would love to receive your items and start working on your keepsake soon, rather than keep your order pending :) One good reason is that frames cannot be "reserved," and the frame color you chose when you ordered might not be available when I can actually start working (after I receive your clothes). If you aren't sure what to use for your keepsake yet, a better option would be to buy a voucher and redeem it when you're ready. This way all of your choices will surely be available.


17. What is your return and refund policy?


Unfortunately, no returns or refunds can be made on any of the keepsakes or other items in the Pokidots! shop.


18. Do you have payment options/plans?


If you would like to use a payment plan, please contact me and I will give you payment plan options. All payment plans still require 50% of the payment up front, and the remainder of the payment before the keepsake is shipped.

You might also want to sign up for access to occasional private sales. The keepsake prices are reduced during these sale events.

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