Release the clutter and keep the memories
A guide to gracefully part with outgrown baby clothes
and free your space and your mind.


Take this important step towards a more intentional life.

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This free, 5-day program will help you let go of your children's old baby clothes that you are holding on to, and reclaim your space in your home and in your mind.

Identify the reasons why you may be having trouble letting go, look ahead at a better future that's fresh and free from clutter, and most importantly, take back that space in your mind after getting rid of the thoughts that don't serve you.
Explore creative things you can do with your children's clothes that are the most precious to you, then follow an effective process to let go and donate most of what you don't use anymore to other families who need it.
Finally, celebrate your generosity, be grateful for the beautiful days you've had with your children, and look ahead at a more intentional life.

When you sign up for free below, you get the program in 5 videos sent to you over 5 days (plus an intro video you will receive immediately), to the email address you provide. 

Let's do this. 

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