Brothers. One in the air, one at sea!

May 10, 2018

Cashel and Carrick's mom also received this keepsake sibling bundle for Mother's day, but she wanted it; it was not a surprise (unlike the mom mentioned in the previous post :) 

It's a wonderful Mother's day gift: a reminder of your children's baby days and the mom struggles and joys.


Cashel is the big brother and is getting a hot air balloon, and Carrick, the little brother, is getting a sailboat!




I love working on sibling keepsakes. Some got the same keepsake with an item that they both wore, some got a bigger, custom piece with two keepsakes in it, and some only-children got two keepsakes with two different special items!


Hey, to each mama her own way of preserving memories, right? 


Here is what I did with Cashel and Carrick's pajamas:




They are such handsome little boys! Seeing the photos of the children wearing the clothes I am working with gives me a very brief glimpse of their lives and their unique personalities. I love to think about that when I work on their keepsakes.




I wonder if these will end up in their room(s) or in mama's space :)


Update 5/24/2018: Here is what Cashel and Carrick's mom had to say:


I said it on Instagram, and I will say it again: I love it when my clients cry, and I can't think of a better reaction about my work :)


Thank you! 



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