Two keepsakes for beautiful Sawyer.

March 10, 2017

Sawyer's mom ordered two keepsakes for her; a custom fashion keepsake, and a hot air balloon. How lucky is Sawyer :)


For the fashion keepsake, she chose the girl with the back turned away and a crown braid in her hair. The original drawing has straight hair, but when I saw a photo of 4-year-old Sawyer's actual hair, I had to customize the illustration, because her long curls are divine and I had to capture them in her keepsake.



For the fashion keepsake, I worked with Sawyer's second birthday dress. I loved working meticulously to keep 3 layers of tulle, like the original dress, and I used the original ribbon as a belt.



Check out the beautiful photo of Sawyer wearing the dress I used, and a more recent photo of her hair... I know, my jaw dropped too; I meant it when I said it was divine. I loved drawing it for her keepsake, with a braid and a little diamond added in the center. 



The second keepsake is a hot air balloon made with her third birthday outfit. A beautiful little romper with a fresh and exotic print.




The second keepsake is a hot air balloon made with her third birthday outfit. A beautiful little "JLo" romper with an exotic print.



It's such a fresh and summery picture of Sawyer wearing it on her birthday! A hot air balloon for this outfit worked out great! I kept the wood-looking buttons, and added one to the hot air balloon basket. 



What makes it all even better, is that the colors of Sawyer's two keepsakes match! They go together so well, and with the white frames, they will look beautiful in her room, or wherever they will be displayed. Sawyer’s mama sure has an eye for style :) 



Update: Here is what she had to say :) 

"Louma, thank you for the time and care you took to carefully craft these precious keepsakes with our daughter's clothes! The finished products are true masterpieces and bring such joy to my heart when I see them! These are more than decorative art, they will become treasured heirlooms to pass on. The work you did with the hair on the fashion design was extraordinary; I'm honored to display these frames!"


More of these heart-warming reviews on the Reviews page :)




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