Cow print dress and a cow-girly keepsake :)

March 15, 2017

Remember Yasma? The keepsake with the summery striped dress she wore on her first birthday? This is another keepsake for her, as a gift to her grandma. How sweet! This is the second time someone orders a second keepsake as a gift for grandparents.


I received a special request to put a hat on this one, because grandma loves it when Yasma wears a hat. Yasma is now 4 and a half, and she wore this dress at her first Christmas, which she spent with grandma. Hence the choice for her keepsake. I love this wonderful idea! 



I just drew the hat style that came to mind first. I love how cow-girly it ended up with this dress and the hat and colors! 


I added some lace at the top and bottom. It needed something, and lace gave it a more feminine touch that I think worked really well with the hat. I hope grandma will like it! She will remember Yasma’s first Christmas every time she looks at it :) 


Update: Here is what grandma had to say when she saw her custom keepsake: 


"Seeing Yasma's keepsake made with first birthday dress hung on the wall was such an emotional moment for me. [Grandma talking about the first keepsake done for Yasma's parents.] What a wonderful idea! I immediately wanted to have my own keepsake made with my grand-daughter's first Christmas dress, and I requested it with a hat. 

I will never forget Louma's smile when I handed her the dress. I felt that she understood how much this dress meant to me, and a couple of days later she gave me the most precious work of art that I own. THANK YOU Louma."


It makes me so happy to hear back from my clients. You can see most of the keepsake reviews here.




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