A girly sailboat with a cheeky mermaid and mini rhinestones.

August 23, 2016

This is a new keepsake made with a girl's clothes, but since it's a mermaid with fishies, it only makes sense to use the sailboat illustration rather than a fashion girl. And it turned out so cute, it may be my favorite so far! 



I added some tiny blings to it, mini rhinestones in the waves, which added a nice girly effect with the metal colors of the fishes. 



The sailboat illustration can also be used with a girl's clothes, just as the fashion illustrations can also be used with a boy's clothes. Maybe the mother wants to keep the keepsake for herself, or save it if her boy has a girl of his own one day. Or who knows, maybe that boy will grow up to be a fashion designer, and this would be perfect for him ;) Anything works and everything is possible! 



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