Music and roses, a fairy white dress, and Tania Saleh.

June 1, 2016

Although I knew Tania Saleh from her song in the movie Caramel (a favorite soundtrack), I rediscovered her not long ago and have been listening to her music non-stop for the past couple of days. She is a very talented Lebanese artist and singer.


Here is a playlist I found on YouTube with her songs (and interviews) in Arabic. Enjoy!


This is a favorite look from her video "Hiya la touhibbouka anta" (she doesn't love you). I love the purity of the style, the roses in the hair, and the overall fairy look.


Only the top of the dress shows in the video, so I improvised the bottom, and the little rose is from our garden at the front of the house. It was slowly withering so I saved it ;) ☮



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