Louma El-Khoury is a "girl mom" and the fashion illustrator and artist behind Pokidots! -- the custom keepsakes made with your child's baby clothes. Louma is passionate about fashion illustration and character design, and loves teaching her art.



This is a Seattle half-day camp that will teach 10- to 12-year-old girls how to create their own superhero characters. Based on her own qualities and superpowers, each girl will define her super character and learn how to draw her with Louma's guidance.


Days: Monday to Thursday (4 days).

Time: 9 AM to 1 PM (includes a break of 40 minutes).

Location: TBD, either Louma's home or a shared office space across the street on 1st Avenue and 84th Street, in the Greenwood area in Seattle.

Open to: Girls, 10 to 12 year-old, speaking English (or French).


Here is how it will go:


Day 1:

Defining your own qualities and superpowers. Describing your super character and listing her best qualities and occupations. Drawing 3 drafts of your superhero character.


Day 2:

Choosing one of the drafts from Day 1, to elaborate. Develop your superhero's style and dress her up with character and garment illustration techniques by Louma.


Day 3:

Creating the life and tools of your super hero character. What she needs and what she creates. Learn and practice coloring with markers and color all the drawings.


Day 4:

Finishing and framing your superhero character. Sharing more about her with the group. Closing circle and a special gift from Louma :)


The camp includes all the high-end material needed for the artwork. Your daughter will leave with a renewed sense of confidence and a superhero character created, drawn, and framed by her, which she can use to remember her own unique qualities and use them in her life.


Please make sure your daughter shows up every day on time, with a snack (preferably utensil-free, like a sandwich and a fruit or a vegetable, for example) and a water bottle.

Every day there will be time for a 40-minute break to eat and learn an old-fashioned, fun game from Louma's childhood.

Half-day camp April 13 to 16, 2020. Character building art, for girls.

  • The character building art workshop is a very mindful activity that creates a sense of belonging and bonding in a safe and intimate setting. The girls will get to talk and know each other, perhaps like none of their other friends know them. It's a beautiful thing!

    However, I expect respectful behavior of everyone, at all times. Disrespect, rudeness, or agressive behavior (physical or verbal) is not tolerated and if it happens, please expect (the parent) to be called to pick up your daughter. 

  • If you wish to cancel your registration to the camp, a notification is required 30 days before the camp starts, for a refund to be issued. No refund will be issued if you notify us of your cancellation less than 30 days before the camp starts.

    Thank you!