• Louma E.

Check out the new, beautiful Mother's Day styles.

Happy Spring!

Well, not quite spring around here in terms of temperature, but nature is in full bloom: the cherry blossoms have come and gone, daffodils and tulips are coloring the city, and more spring celebrations are coming up!

Mother's day is just around the corner, and in honor of this important day, I've created 3 DIY heart styles that are as special and awesome and a mother. Check them out:

1. The IVF journey DIY heart.

IVF moms, we see you! It can be a long and difficult journey but so worth it in the end. And worth celebrating the resilience and courage it took. Use this with a favorite outfit of your IVF baby, or with an item of yours (mom) that relates to this journey.

I posted a quick survey on Instagram asking which style of these two speaks more to my followers who have been through the journey, and the response was amazing! They shared that the scattered needles represent the messy journey that ends with something beautiful, the heart. The tidy needle folks also talked about the challenge of the process but they were still grateful for the needles that made their dream family come to life.

Whichever one speaks to you, I think it's a wonderful way to display your gratitude for your journey and preserve it in a beautiful way. Check out the details of the drawing in the listing, here.

2. The Rainbow baby DIY heart.

Rainbow babies are the light after the darkness. They light up our life with hope after drowning in all kinds of fears. My little one is a rainbow baby and this keepsake is very dear to my heart. Is your child a rainbow baby?

This one comes in 4 different colorways, to make sure one of them goes with the outfit you will use. The one in the photo on the left is the green-blue rainbow with the light blue background, and the one on the right is the grayscale, so it goes with anything. Check out the others.

3. The Mom DIY heart.

This one is for all moms, grandmas, step moms... and it's customizable! You can choose your own way of saying "Mom" or the way your kids call you "Mom," (Mama, Mami, Mommy, Maman, Mother...) and that's what you will get. You also have an option to leave it blank.

The subtle background design on this one is modern, and I kept it in grayscale so it would go with any color outfit. Customize it here!

If you have ideas of DIY styles you'd like to see, don't forget to share them through the form on the DIY shop page and I will add them to the list of upcoming styles. The heart and the football were suggested and they are already available. Woot!

This Friday, April 22, on Earth Day, is when the Pokidots Mother's Day private sale will start, so save the date!

All the keepsake collections will be part of the sale: the original keepsakes, the DIY styles, and all vouchers. If you're already on the Pokidots email list, the code to the Mother's Day discount will be sent to you on Friday morning. If not, click here to sign up! (Wait 2 seconds and sign up in the pop up!)

See you at the sale!