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A sweet memory of a lost cat.

This beautiful frilly dress is Sophia's, a 10-year-old girl: she loves that dress and the kitty on it so much, she cried when she outgrew it. But she didn't know that it would be back to her room soon after, only a little different :)

I found out later on that Sophia had a good reason to cry when she had to part with her dress: the kitten on the dress is a reminder of her precious cat who went missing almost a year prior! Her mom ordered this keepsake for Sophia as a memory of her beloved cat.

" The kitty represents her favorite cat that went missing last December... It will definitely be a lifelong keepsake!"

I have to admit that this was quite a challenging piece to work on! Unlike tiny baby clothes, this dress is a 10-year-old size dress, and the key graphic on it was pretty large for the size of the dress. And I really wanted to use the cat crown, and some of the pink skirt parts...

It turned out beautiful in the end, with a part of it over the mat. I love these pieces that go over the mat.

She also got a little pink crystal earring.

Here are Sophia's mom's words when she finally opened the keepsake:

OMG!!! I almost started crying! It exceeded my expectations! So adorable and precious! You really did a wonderful job! I’ll keep this for Christmas, we’ll be with my mom, who gave this dress to Sofia and who was with us when we got Stormy, the cat... Thanks so much!!!!"

The keepsake was done in October, and I had to wait all the way until Christmas to finally know what Sophia thought of it. I mean, I knew she would love it, but there's always this comfort in knowing for sure that the art I put so much love into is well received...

After Christmas, I received another wonderful message from Sophia's mom:

Sofia loved it! It was bitter sweet! She was very taken by it!!! Thanks so much for such an incredible job! I know she will cherish it forever!!!

My month was pretty much made after feedback messages like these. I love what I do: the variety in the outfits and specific requests, and the stories behind them is so much more than I ever dreamed of when I started this. I am forever thankful.


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