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It's customer appreciation week!

This week is customer appreciation week, and I can't let it end without giving a big shout-out to my customers. You know who you are, and most of you are moms like me. This message is for you, to tell you how much I appreciate you, working with you, and most importantly, how amazed I am by your presence and thoughtfulness of your children, and the unique ways that you all chose to preserve their sweet memories.

❤ To the mom who had secretly kept a small piece of her daughter's favorite blanket for 24 years, and had a keepsake made with it, as a present for her 24th birthday.

❤ To the mom who picked her 10-year-old's most favorite dress with the picture of a cat that represented her own cat she had lost recently... And now it's so stylishly immortalized in a frame.

❤ To the mom who gave me the beautiful, hand-embroidered baby blouses from the 1940s that her mother-in-law had given her when she had her little girl. Now these blouses are a timeless keepsake back at mother-in-law's house, with a beautiful custom illustration of her granddaughter.

❤ To the mom who frantically ordered a keepsake at the last minute and had it expedited to her so she could have it in time for her daughter's first birthday party.

❤ To the mom who sent me the last bit of her daughter's beloved baby blanket, which she had kept for 7 years, used and faded and pilling.

❤ To the mom who had a keepsake made with her daughter's newborn hospital hat, as a Christmas gift for the grandparents, and then had another keepsake made with her daughter's beautiful organza first birthday dress, to potentially give her on her wedding day.

❤ To the mom who gathered the courage to send me the dress her 18-month-old wore on her last day of life. The most painful of memories, now in a frame with a drawing of what this angel little girl would have looked like, had she reached adulthood.

❤ And to the wonderful friend who gave that grieving mom a voucher to get a keepsake made.

❤ To the mom who didn't pick one, but two, keepsakes for her daughter, with her second and third birthday outfits, that so stylishly match and look like a mini art collection of two in her room.

❤ To the mom who had a keepsake made with her daughter's first birthday dress, then another one made for her mother, with the dress her daughter wore on her first Christmas they all spent together.

❤ To the dad who picked the tiny newborn outfit that both his sons wore when they were born, and gave it to their mom on Mother's Day.

❤ To the mom who sent me her daughter's newborn onesie that has the logo of her daddy's favorite band, and is planning to give it to him for Father's Day.

❤ To the mom who was asked to choose a gift for Mother's Day, and she chose to have a keepsake made for each of her two sons, with their cherished baby pajamas.

❤ To the mom who happily redeemed her keepsake voucher received as a gift on her Baby Shower party, and sent me her son's cutest graphic baby onesie soon after.

❤ And to our common friend who ordered that voucher for her on behalf of all of her colleagues.

❤ To the mom who ordered two sailboats for her two daughters, but wanted them in the same frame because, sisters. And it resulted in a wonderful, large keepsake that was custom designed just for her family.

❤ To the moms who sent me the hospital blankets their newborn babies were wrapped in, in their first minutes of life. These blankets that all look the same but that are not the same at all.

❤ To the dad who ordered a large-sized, custom piece for his wife, a very special keepsake that brings together 3 generations of women: his wife, her mother who had passed recently, and her daughter, and gave it to her for a memorable Mother's Day.

❤ To the mom who gave me her 16-year-old daughter's toddler dress for a keepsake, and then argued for days with her daughter about in whose room the keepsake will belong. Mom won for now, but the deal included sharing at some point :)

❤ To the mom who hung out with me at a Seattle art market where I had a booth, showed me pictures of her beautiful baby daughter, and ordered her keepsake the next day!

❤ To my friend mom who ordered a keepsake for her son and one for her daughter, all the way from Montreal, right when I was still in the early stages of my work, then had another one made for her Godson to give him on his baptism day! To this beautiful mom who never missed a chance to sing my praises and share my work :)

❤ To my sister mom who was my very first client, and who got vouchers for all of her friends who had babies! :)

❤ To my bride friend who ordered the first bridal keepsake made with pieces of her beautiful wedding dress, also all the way from Montreal, and who always shares my work with others.

❤ To the stylish moms who sent me the prettiest dresses of their daughters; dresses that were adorable on their baby girls, and ever so stylish as fashion keepsakes.

❤ And the stylish moms who sent me their most cherished baby outfits to turn into sailboats and hot air balloons, each one in its own unique style.

❤ Thank you all for your wonderful reviews on the keepsakes, and on working with me.

A very big shout-out as well to all my supporters who love and share my work, and tell others about the unique keepsakes, those who give me amazing opportunities by collaborating with Pokidots! through markets, school auctions, and coffee shop displays, and by writing about Pokidots! on their blogs, websites, and magazines, those who give me suggestions on new keepsakes, and those who are patiently waiting for a custom keepsake to be made for them.

Hugs and love to you all. I appreciate you and I am grateful our paths crossed. Happy customer appreciation week! ❤



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