• Louma.

The Grateful Dead, and a future grateful dad :) -- Oh, and a new keepsake style!!

Savannah's mom is surely prepared ahead of time for Father's Day! I am assuming that when she found out about Pokidots! it was not too hard for her to think about what she was going to do.

Her husband is a big fan of the Grateful Dead, and her daughter has a couple of onesies with their logo on them. She asked me for a custom piece for Father's day; something other than the hot air balloon and the sailboat... Luckily, I was already developing prototypes for this new keepsake style: a heart. As simple as that. Just a heart, with my signature 3D-ish design, and customized with what I feel I need to add to each unique piece. In this case, a few drawn and painted stokes around it.