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The Grateful Dead, and a future grateful dad :) -- Oh, and a new keepsake style!!

Savannah's mom is surely prepared ahead of time for Father's Day! I am assuming that when she found out about Pokidots! it was not too hard for her to think about what she was going to do.

Her husband is a big fan of the Grateful Dead, and her daughter has a couple of onesies with their logo on them. She asked me for a custom piece for Father's day; something other than the hot air balloon and the sailboat... Luckily, I was already developing prototypes for this new keepsake style: a heart. As simple as that. Just a heart, with my signature 3D-ish design, and customized with what I feel I need to add to each unique piece. In this case, a few drawn and painted stokes around it.

As Savannah's mom was undecided between two different Grateful Dead onesies, I asked her to send me both of them, so I could help her choose. I chose the one I thought would work better on the heart:

It's so cute and so small, just barely bigger than the 11" paper. And I could imagine how nice and colorful the final piece would end up.

I was right! I love the colors of this piece and how happy it ended up. Almost as fresh and happy as Savannah looks in this picture. So adorable!

The heart keepsake looks simple at first glance, but is it?

Not so simple. The heart is elevated, and more of the outfit has been used underneath. This adds dimension, and so much more potential for an added unique touch for each keepsake. I also added some drawn lines and strokes of gold paint around the heart to finish the piece nicely.

I love how it turned out! And I'm so happy to start offering this heart style keepsake in the shop!

After she received the keepsake, Savannah's mom told me something that I appreciated so much. She said "it is evident that you love what you do." This made me so happy. I do love what I do and I am so thankful that it shows in my work. Thank you, Ashley, for noticing this and for letting me know :)

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