• Louma.

A gift for Mother's Day.

The very first keepsake I created was my daughter's, with her preemie size pajama which she wore in her first days of life. So when I receive tiny newborn clothes, I get more sentimental than for other items. And it's funny; I can almost tell every time that it's a newborn onesie I'm receiving by mail, because they often come in smaller envelopes!

This one is an extra cute one, that is gift for a mom on Mother's day, from her husband. Both their sons wore this same tiny onesie, so it is extra loved, and is a reminder of both their first days of life.

I love how it turned out. The onesie is small and light and the little monkey is so cute and kind-looking. I made sure the final keepsake preserved this softness and the general "smallness" and innocence of the onesie.

You must have noticed that the photo of this keepsake is not accompanied by a photo of the babies wearing the onesie I used. That's because you, the client, give me permission to post the photos of your children on Pokidots! social media and blog. Some parents don't like their photos to be shared. I completely respect that, of course. It is your choice, in case you were wondering :)

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