• Louma.

NEW keepsake style! For stylish girls :)

I am beyond excited to announce the new keepsake style that is finally available! This one is for girls, and it is made to preserve a special hair accessory that has been outgrown.

I think every girl at some point gets interested in girly hair accessories, and some girl moms almost make it their mission to get the most beautiful of pieces for their girls' hair, and I can tell you, there are some breathtakingly nice ones out there!

And just like baby clothes, some of these hair pieces end up holding some of our most wonderful memories with our girls. It could be the tiny little headband she had during her newborn photoshoot when she was 5 days old, a cheap bow that she wore every day for a year and couldn't live without, or the flower clip that you made her wear for her first birthday and that didn't see the light of day since :) Our memories end up in unexpected places and items, and preserving them in art form is good! It only makes us happy.