• Louma.

Same, but different: a new hospital blanket sailboat.

These American hospital blankets only seem to be generic and look the same, but they are truly not; they are precious and cherished, and each one is unique to the parents who wrapped their baby in it for the first time. And you would even recognize your own from its specific fading, stains, and the pilling on it.

This one is Julian's baby blanket. Some people hate these hospital blankets and can't wait to replace them, and other parents, like Julian's mom, cherish them and choose to keep them forever.

Here is what Julian's mom had to say:

I usually never write reviews or spend time on feedback, but... Today we received the [keepsake] and I have to say I almost cried (and I can't blame hormones anymore since my baby is almost 8 months old already :). I just love it. That's all I wanted to say."

These reviews are everything. I am the lucky one to be able to create these precious keepsakes for you.

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