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A couture gown in fleece? Yes please :)

Last week, I received a fleece pajama to turn into a keepsake. A white, one-piece zippered pajama, with a soft sun and moon pattern on it, that was going to become a gown for Kamaya's keepsake.

Pokidots! baby keepsake - Kamaya 1

It was my first time creating a keepsake with fleece; it was a little challenging to work with a thicker fabric, but as always, the piece guided my hands and I made it work.

Pokidots! baby keepsake - Kamaya 2

Little Kamaya wore this pajama in the first weeks of her life. I was able to use the zipper closure as part of the gown, and I added touches of tulle too.

Pokidots! baby keepsake - Kamaya 3

Kamaya's mom loved her keepsake, and in fact, it was the perfect addition to Kamaya's room. I received this picture a few days later, and I couldn't be happier:

Pokidots! baby keepsake - Kamaya 4

I have to specify that the clouds on that wall were hand painted, one by one, with paint hand-mixed by her mom, and each of the books on the top shelf has a handwritten note for Kamaya from friends and family! The keepsake was a perfect final addition to this wall, and I just love this photo of the room with little Kamaya sleeping peacefully in her crib.

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