• Louma.

A wonderful feature on What To Expect!

I was so thrilled when I was contacted by Chaunie at What To Expect! She was asking for an interview to feature Pokidots! on the website, and I gladly accepted to answer her questions.

The article that she posted after the interview was so nice! It was posted on the What To Expect website and app, as well as the social media sites, and sent via newsletter. I woke up yesterday to my phone exploding with notifications and emails and requests; it was wonderful to connect with so many new people at once, and hear their specific baby stories.

Click here to read the article on What To Expect (with featured keepsake pictures) or read it in the screenshots below.

You can see the most recent Pokidots! features here, and contact me any time if you would like to have a feature as well! ☮

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