• Louma.

Vanessa's little flower dress is now a gown!

Vanessa's parents are our friends, and fellow Canadians from Quebec. When I told Vanessa's mom about the baby keepsakes I make, she immediately knew what she wanted to use for her own keepsake. She gave me this dress of Vanessa's that she had kept for many years... since her daughter was two; a little red dress with flowers and ruffles, and she sent me Vanessa's picture for a custom illustration as well.

This is Vanessa now (in the photo above). She is 16 years old, loves animals, especially the horses she loves riding, and she is beautiful. I enjoyed drawing her.

Her mom told me that just the sight of this fabric brings back wonderful memories of when Vanessa was at the sweet age of two. I was able to keep the little flowers and the 3D dragonfly, and the ruffles at the bottom of the dress. I added some tulle for extra dimension.

To finish the piece, I painted some gold strokes on her hair, and added a bit of a background as well... That's what I felt like the piece needed. And I like the result!

How cute is little toddler Vanessa? She looks like she was caught off guard playing in her little kitchen with her flower crown :)

Vanessa and her whole family loved the keepsake, and they are arguing over whose room it will go in :) An argument that makes me happy. I'm not sure who won yet! ☮

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