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A vintage blanket on Cameron's keepsake.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a request for a keepsake that a mother wanted to gift to her daughter for her 24th birthday. The mom wanted to send me a small piece of her daughter Cameron's baby blanket, which Cameron still had because she loves it so much. Cameron didn't know about the small piece of that blanket that her mom had kept, and that is what her mom wanted me to use for her custom keepsake gift. I couldn't believe what I was reading. This was the sweetest thing and the ideal gift for Cameron. I could not wait to receive the swatch!

Meanwhile, I drew Cameron's custom illustration inspired by photos of her that her mom sent me, and a couple of days later, I got the small piece of blanket. It was just enough, a beautiful vintage piece of a frail fabric. I went out and got a soft charmeuse and tulle to maybe complement the blanket swatch, and I started working.

I loved working on this keepsake. It was one of the most challenging ones for me. Today is Cameron's birthday, and I hope she will love it. She will surely be surprised. My first tool when I start working on these keepsakes is normally my beloved scissors, but not with this piece. I did not cut the swatch I was given, this is all of it! I folded, braided, and trimmed some of the fringes to mold it to shape, but no cutting was done at all!

The swatch was falling apart in my fingers as I was working. At times, I felt like I was trimming and styling hair, every thread received attention. And at times I felt like I was doing surgery, with the small pliers and small trimmers… I braided the threads that fell apart to make a simple belt, and used some of the tulle I bought to complete the dress. No other additions were needed.

Cameron’s mom wanted to have her name added to the piece and I chose to make it very light and subtle so it doesn’t distract from the main subject.

Needless to say, I love how this one turned out. It is the oldest fabric I have worked with so far!

Update 3/20/2017:

Cameron "adores" her keepsake, according to her mom. Yay!

I woke up this morning to a beautiful photo of her and her keepsake, sent by her mom and it totally made my day. Nothing like kind words and a picture like this to give you a boost on Monday morning :)

This makes me love what I do even more.

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