• Louma.

A summery striped dress for Yasma.

Yasma and her family are friends of ours. Yasma is a very active and clever little girl. She is 4 now, and her mom brought me a sweet, summery dress to do a custom keepsake with. Yasma wore it at her first birthday!

First birthday outfits are quite popular as keepsakes, and the photos that come with them are usually adorable.

The style of this cute, tiered dress made it possible for me to reproduce it (ish) in small scale. This is not what I normally do but I like to occasionally keep the original dress style on the keepsake.

How cute is this photo of Yasma at her first birthday? The illustration is customized as I imagine Yasma to look like when she is grown up. I got inspired by her 4-year-old (current) features, which are more refined/mature than her 1 year-old face :)

When I was done with the dress, something was missing... I ended up adding continuations of the dress stripes with very light blue paint. Very subtle, and just what the piece needed to be complete.

Each piece is unique, and I let each piece really guide me through its design.

Yasma's parents were pleased, and I think I will be doing another piece with Yasma's illustration, as a gift for her grandma. Yay! :)

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