• Louma.

The youngest keepsake recipient is 2 weeks old!

Who recognizes this newborn hat?

I am sure most of the moms who gave birth at a hospital will raise their hands.

This little hat may be one of thousands, but only Taylor's parents see and feel its emotional value. This is the exact hat that Taylor wore the first few minutes of her life.

This sailboat keepsake may be a nice piece of art, but it is unique, and only to Taylor's parents is it so personal, so precious, and will be cherished for years to come. Only they can remember the precious moments it holds, and what sweeter memories than those of the birth of their baby.

Taylor is only two weeks old today, and that makes her the youngest recipient of a Pokidots! baby keepsake :) This piece already adorns a wall in her bedroom.

More work goes into each one of these pieces than it may appear, especially if the fabric I am working with is thin or delicate, like the fabric of these hats.

This makes me love creating them even more.

Take a look at the first piece I created with a newborn hat, and see the KOMO News live interview it was featured on! :)

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