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Hello, February, and a teddy bear story.

It's a beautiful day in Seattle today... from inside. The sky is blue and clear, the sun is out, and it's freezing cold.

The girls are at daycare today, I am staying in, and I want to tell you about a little event that happened yesterday, and that made me realize something a little bigger.

I woke up yesterday to a message from my friend, showing me a picture of those little teddy bears, custom made with a baby onesie, to have as keepsakes. (I actually talked about them here last year.) She was showing it to me as something I could do "to expand my offerings," since I work with baby clothes too...

And that's when it hit me. I have to explain...

I am sure my friend had the best intentions of supporting my business, and although these bears are actually cute (depending on who's making them, some are nicer than others), they have absolutely nothing to do with what I do. Except, perhaps, the main material, which is the baby outfit.

1. Replace a cherished baby item with home decor.

You see, the main idea of Pokidots! keepsakes is to get rid of the baby items. By creating a keepsake, you are actually getting rid of your baby's outgrown clothes that you would otherwise keep stored in a drawer (clutter), and receiving a piece of art to hang (home decor), not another baby item (teddy bear) which soon enough will be outgrown too and will go in that same drawer for years.

Get rid of the clutter, keep a framed piece of art and a lifetime memory.

2. Simplify: replace all baby items with one precious keepsake.

Another thing I wanted to share again, is that most of my clients assured me that, since they've received their custom keepsakes, it became so much easier for them to give away the rest of their babies' clothes that they were also holding on to just for sentimental value. They received this personalized keepsake with their most cherished babies' clothes, and keeping clothes stored after that seemed futile. They were delighted with one or a couple of framed pieces.

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This makes me so happy, because this is how I felt when I created Laurie and Leina's keepsakes (the first two pieces), and it was liberating. I had what I needed, I may make a couple more, but I will not be keeping baby clothes in a drawer forever.

3. Home decor -- and/or nursery decor.

It was also very important for me to make sure these keepsakes were not a childish item. Although most of them end up in nurseries or children's bedrooms (including mine), the final piece is versatile and could totally go in the living room or anywhere in your home. It's up to you and the clothes you would like to use.

Look at this picture my sister sent me of her 3 children's keepsakes that she beautifully hung in her sunroom.

The keepsakes I did for my daughters can stay in their room until they become teenagers, and beyond, and I made sure the base illustrations are not childish for this very reason. They are subtle, versatile, and just timeless.

That is why I felt the urge to explain why the Pokidots! keepsakes are nothing like the teddy bears my friend told me about. The teddy bears are cute, but they are exactly what I am trying to avoid with my keepsakes.

Do you find it hard to part with your children's outgrown baby clothes?

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