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Art and decluttering. Sounds like a good start to 2017!

Happy new year!

Another year has gone by, a very eventful one for me! No pregnancy and no baby this year, only other kinds of new phases and beginnings.

Today I want to share something that most of my clients so far agree upon, and that took me a little while to realize.

One of my clients said to me the other day:

"After ordering [my son's] keepsake with his cherished newborn pajama, it became so much easier for me to let go of the rest of the outgrown baby clothes I had kept. That alone is so valuable and liberating!”

This made me so happy, because one of the reasons why I did the first pieces for my daughters, is to avoid having their cherished outfits just hidden in a drawer indefinitely.

Then, a friend of mine who had ordered a keepsake also, made with her daughter's toddler dress, said the same thing to me out of the blue. Her daughter is older than Laurie, and she brought me a few beautiful dresses that she had outgrown, for Laurie to wear. She said that she was holding on to them because she loved them so much and they had special memories to her, but since she now has a keepsake made with another precious dress, she was fine parting with them.


After that, out of curiosity, I asked my other clients if they felt the same thing, and most of them agreed. Not everyone got rid of everything, but they did agree that having a real, valuable keepsake, made keeping more clothes seem superfluous, and they kept less than what they would have without the keepsake.

That was a revelation. I had never mentioned my idea of helping let go of baby clothes by creating keepsakes with the most cherished pieces, and I am beyond excited to see that the keepsakes are actually having that effect on other moms too.

I am so trilled to have this added value to my work!

Decluttering and keeping possessions simple and in control is something that I fully support, and I know that it affects our lives in many ways we don't even recognize. Simplifying possessions and getting rid of physical clutter in our homes makes our minds also clearer. More about that soon... :)

For now, I hope you are starting your year beautifully. I have a few fashion pieces I am working on in the next couple of weeks, and I will post them as I get them done.

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