• Louma.

Beautiful Zuri and her pink baby dress.

Zuri is one of the most stylish babies I know. Her (also stylish) mommy is a friend, and she won her keepsake during the Pokidots! Holiday party in December.

She sent me one of Zuri's baby dresses, which she wore when she was about one month old. How sweet! It's a beautiful, bright summer dress, and working with it was so easy.

Zuri's mom picked up her keepsake yesterday and she was very happy with it. I tried to mimic baby Zuri's little frown on her grown-up illustration. Now Zuri is almost 2 and still has that same frown. So cute!

Working with this dress was fun and the size of the scallops at the bottom was perfect to have an almost symmetrical end result :)

One more fashion keepsake, and then I get back to working on a sailboat and a hot air balloon! Stay tuned!

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