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Selene again: a keepsake for when she's grown up, and possibly married.

One of my favorite illustrations is back!

I had already drawn Selene back in November, for a keepsake made with her newborn hospital hat that was a present from her mom to her grandparents. Shortly after, Selene's mom purchased another keepsake to keep for herself.

For that second keepsake, I received a beautiful layered white dress with embroidered pink and green polka dots, with photos of Selene wearing it on her first birthday. It came with a note from Selene's mom that she wanted it "to be a gift [she] will give Selene if she gets married."

How sweet is that?

I used the same custom illustration I had used for her previous keepsake, with her beautiful blonde curls, and, as a special request from the client, added a head piece to make it look bridal, if it ended up being a bridal gift for Selene as planned.

What do you think?

Selene's mom hasn't received it yet and when she does, I will update my post with what she thought of it :)

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