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Fashion sisters: sibling keepsake bundle.

New keepsakes for sisters, Mia and Sarah.

For Mia's keepsake, on the left, the dress was going to be made with the last little piece of her beloved baby blanket, which she didn't let go of from birth to 3 years of age. So loved and so used! For Sarah's, on the right, that was a toddler dress of hers that she wore to a special fall event when she was about 18 months. Both illustrations are customized to look like what I imagine my beautiful nieces to be like when they are grown up.

Here are the finished keepsakes:

Check out this adorable picture! Mia used to cover her face with her blanket and sleep funny :) SO CUTE! And look how pink and bright that blanket was, once upon a time... After a couple of years of daily use, it wasn't so pink and soft :) This last piece of blanket has been dearly preserved in a memory box for about 7 years. Now it made it to the wall in Mia's home. I also painted doodles in the end, because, well, the finished piece asked for them.

I listened to Sarah's dress as I was working, and it told me to do that. I think I will be doing more of this, going over the window mat. It looks different. This is Sarah when she was wearing her dress, around Halloween, exactly 7 years ago :) The illustration was customized just for Sarah's piece as well.

The pieces were very well received, and Mia and Sarah's mom, my sister, really loved them and had something very nice to say about them. Check it out on the reviews page. She hung the keepsakes in the living area! :) She also sent me a photo of her three keepsakes in her home (she had ordered one previously for her newest baby, Mark). I love how they turned out together.

Here are some detail shots of Mia and Sarah's pieces:

Have a good Halloween, everyone!

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