• Louma.

A sailboat keepsake for Mavin, and a fashion keepsake for his sister, Kiara.

When we went to Montreal in September, we were accompanied by two very important travelers: a keepsake for 3-year-old Mavin, and one for his 6-month-old sister, Kiara. Mavin and Kiara's mom, Sandrine, is an old friend of mine, since the Montreal days, who has wanted keepsakes from the first day I started making them. When we booked our tickets to Montreal and I offered free shipping to Montreal clients (by taking the keepsakes with me instead of shipping them :)) she ordered her sibling bundle right away. It was my first sibling set and I was so happy!

Sandrine sent me Mavin's toddler "Bora Bora" overalls, and Kiara's newborn onesie, and here is what they became:

Sandrine's reaction to the pieces was one of the very few that I had the chance to witness, and I wish I had recorded it, because it was awesome and genuine and made me so happy. She loved her keepsakes. Even though many people may appreciate the art and the work involved, and even the idea, only Mavin and Kiara's mother will have these special emotions when she sees these pieces. This is exactly why I love doing this; for the feelings.

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