• Louma.

Pokidots! keepsakes Live on KOMO News TV!

The week before the Pokidots! holiday party, I was invited by the producer of the KOMO News at 4:00, to have a live interview and showcase my art.

What a great opportunity! Of course I agreed, and I was live on Thursday, December 15, shortly after 4:00 PM.

I had never done this before, and I am not very comfortable with cameras, but for some reason, I was not stressed as I thought I would be. I was going to talk about my product that I know very well, and I was so happy about this opportunity.

My assistant love of a husband went with me to support me, and filmed the interview on Facebook Live as it was happening. It went very well!

After the interview, my phone was bursting with friends' texts, new subscriber notifications, new orders, and emails. I am thankful for all the support and love from friends and family, and non-friends and family :) and for this great opportunity.

Here is the full interview:

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