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Pokidots! Holiday party at the Pocket Theater.

The Holiday party was a success! Thank you for those who made it and for your continuous support. About 50 of you celebrated with us, asked questions about the displayed keepsakes, and shared your plans for the keepsakes you would like to have made.

I love the creative ideas I heard from everyone! Here are a few:

- Making a keepsake with a few baby socks!

- Having two fashion girls holding hands in a single big frame, for sisters, each one wearing a dress made from her own baby outfit.

- Another idea was a combined sailboat keepsake, with one sail for big sister and one sail for little brother.

- A friend is considering customizing the ballerina artworks (the ones that are available as is in the shop, not customizable), and having a bigger tutu made from her daughter's actual ballet tutu when she first started when she was about 3. I love this!

It's amazing how our children bring out the creativity in us, even if we weren't artists. I can't wait to create keepsakes for you all!

One guest was thinking of using the fabric from her grandmother's wedding dress, for a bridal keepsake. The bridal keepsakes are a completely different style of work, because of the fine and delicate fabrics. I absolutely love making these as well.

Children were running around in the venue, and legos, dolls, and sippys were part of the evening as well.

At the end of the party, my 18-month-old Leina picked a name out of the newsletter sign-in vase, and we have a winner of a free keepsake:

It's Kifaya Dawud!

Congratulations! Kifaya is a friend, and her daughter is the most stylish little girl I know. I can't wait to see what I will be creating her keepsake with!

And now I leave you with a few photos from the party. Thank you all again for showing up despite the rain, and making this evening so wonderful. I am planning on having a summer version of this party, and will let you know about it :) I'm sure the mamas who were taking a break wouldn't mind another excuse to go out in the summer :) xx

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