• Louma.

The vouchers for custom keepsakes are here!

I promised to add keepsake vouchers to the shop, and here they are! Each voucher is good for one custom keepsake, 8"x10", in a 12"x16" frame.

What this voucher is fantastic for:

1. The custom keepsakes sale is coming up, it's next week! The voucher will be part of the sale, and will also be reduced. The good news? You can use it for a year to get your custom keepsake, even if the keepsake price is higher.

2. The custom keepsakes make a unique and truly thoughtful gift, but you cannot choose the baby clothes for someone else. The mom or dad have to choose the clothes that have a sentimental value to them. This voucher is for them and I can guarantee you, they will absolutely love it.

3. Expecting? Get your voucher next week at the discounted price, and order the actual keepsake when you are ready with baby onesies packed with beautiful memories.

The voucher is a printed card mailed to you, or directly to the recipient of your choice. If you are sending it to someone, we can add a note from you, and if you hand-write it and email it, we can print it out to send with the voucher too!

Isn't this fantastic? You can find the voucher here, and if you haven't subscribed to next week's private sale, well, you should :) ☮

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