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Flower shirt baby keepsake, big dress number 17, and self-employment challenges.

So many new keepsakes were created this week! I worked hard to get as much done this week; between family visits, sick babies, and just more to do in general, I felt just how challenging it can be to work from home, and be the only one accountable for your productivity.

I took pictures of all the new keepsakes yesterday, and it took me the whole morning today to edit them and optimize them for different formats and social sites where I will post them! I will be showing them off in the next few days, yay!

Here is the first one, made with Laurie's soft poplin embroidered t-shirt. She was about 8-months old in this picture. I loved this sweet t-shirt and I used to pair it for her with cute little jeans that had similar embroideries at the legs.

The illustration here is also a new one. I decided to add a choice of fashion keepsake with a girl seen from the back; I thought it could be more versatile if the face is not showing, what do you think? She has a crown braid and long shiny hair. The hair color and skin color can still be customized on this one as well :)

As for my 100 big dresses challenge, this is number 17! It seems unlikely, but I will complete the challenge some time mid-2017!

Here is a detail shot of the embroidered dress keepsake:

Watch the blog for pictures of the rest of the new artworks! I am working on making it behave faster, just keep being patient and thank you :)

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