• Louma.

Stephanie's keepsake made with her baby blanket.

This is a new piece, for Stephanie, made from her baby blanket. What a great idea! Most babies treasure their blankets and carry them around everywhere. The blanket is a great item to use for these keepsakes!

I am sure this specific one will be recognized by most parents. We have about 4 of them here to make sure there is always a clean one just in case, because if not... I don't even want to think about what would happen ;)

I wanted to be more creative today and took a few pictures outside in the backyard, with the beautiful rocks we are using for the new patio and walkway. The weather is nice again, and natural light is always the best.

Here is a closer shot of the keepsake:

And here is a peek of the making of; the work is very meticulous and made with a lot of care and love. I add materials from my own collection to finish the pieces, such as tulle, satin, ribbons, and small rhinestones.

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