• Louma.

New framed keepsake: pink ballet dancer.

I had a great time creating this piece for a ballet dancer, or a ballet lover.

I looked up ballet poses, and thought this one conveyed grace and strength at the same time. I think most people view ballet as an easy dance, swaying around in a fluffy tutu, and they don't see the flexibility, the strength, and the dedication that goes into it to just achieve this pose that I drew.

Pokidots ballerina framed keepsake gift with pink tutu

I also picked this pose because the girl's face is not seen, which makes it easier for the piece to gift to anyone.

I am planning on creating more of these, in different colors. They will be available in the shop, as is, and also framed. The next ballerina will probably be wearing a black tutu. What do you think? ☮

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