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New sailboat design and a new baby keepsake.

Last week I received the cutest baby nightgown and t-shirt: worn-out, stained, and loved. They belonged to our little neighbor, Owen, an adorable 4-year-old red-headed boy with freckles.

His custom keepsake was done today, featuring a little "O" flag. The lovely used look makes all the difference and I think that's the way these keepsakes should be!

Pokidots framed baby keepsake with baby clothes, sailboat

I changed the waves on the illustration to make them less "swirly" and feminine, more neutral and sophisticated.

When I designed these keepsakes, my idea was for them to be not only a nursery decor, but also a timeless piece that could be displayed in a grown-up decor. Well, of course, it also depends on the clothing chosen for it :)

As for the frame, I have been waiting for a good time to use it, and I think here it adds a little bit of "edge" to the baby bear on the sail.

Owen's mom will see her finished piece tomorrow. I hope she will like it!

Update 7/25/2016:

Owen's mom, Christie, loved the keepsake, and she was kind enough to send me a picture of Owen when he was a few months old, wearing the little teddy bear t-shirt I used for one of the sails... It is just too cute for words.

My idea and my goal from this keepsake is for Christie to remember this picture just when she looks at the sailboat, and the time and sweet memories when Owen was this age. She couldn't do that when the clothes were stored in the drawer, could she?

Here is what she said about the keepsake:

This makes me so happy. I can't wait to make more of these keepsakes! ☮

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