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Favorite baby keepsakes others are making.

Since I am officially in the baby keepsakes world right now, I thought it would be nice to see what others are doing to preserve some precious memories. I looked around, and here are the favorite ideas that I found for baby keepsakes:

1. Martha Stewart shares her own keepsakes choice on her website, and I really liked one of her suggestions: a strand of hair from the first baby haircut, in a small frame, with a simple patterned paper behind it. If I make these, I will need a box frame to fit the 3D curly strands my daughters are rocking ;)


2. A print of the actual baby heartbeat with a quote under it. I think this is such a sweet idea that I found in the Etsy shop Emma Lynn's Essential. You send her a recording of the heartbeat, and she sends you a graphic of what the actual sound waves look like. I like this because it looks nice and it's subtle.


3. Two naps by noon shares a brilliant idea that I will definitely do! Every year (probably at the child's birthday?) write a small summary letter, and put it in an envelope with money. At the child's graduation, give them all the envelopes. They will get sweet real-time snapshots of their life, and a nice amount of money. Its is more of a graduation gift, but the letters can be considered a keepsake!


4. A memory bear made from the child's clothing. I found many of these on Etsy, and I'm not sure who came up with it first. I think it's a cute baby item to have made with your child's baby clothes too! This one is by Paula's Bears.


5. I also found a big quilt made with baby onesies, which led me to another idea that I thought was so much better: a quilt made with grown-up shirts or t-shirts. I will be saving all of Gus's t-shirts (he goes through a decent amount of t-shirts and they are really nice, colorful ones usually), and I will make a small quilt, like a throw blanket, for each of our daughters to give to them when they go to college. How fun would that be? 18 years from now those t-shirts would be considered "vintage" and the quilts would be awesome. I am sure Gus would be pleased as well ;)

This is an awesome daddy quilt with a wonderful message that I found on this website. I love it!!!


What are some keepsakes you have made for your kids or think of making? ☮

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