• Louma.

My dad's advice for my business.

When I decided to quit my job in Montreal and start my own design business, back in 2008, my parents encouraged me and supported me, even though, naturally, they were a little worried about me. I was doing well at a company and starting a solid career in design, but at the same time, I was young and free, and at the worst, it would have been a good lesson had my design gig not worked out.

But it did! It worked out and I was doing well, and I want to share one thing that my dad told me once. I was talking to him on the phone about my clients and some new projects I had lined up, and telling him that I was so excited that it was all coming together, and hope that it will stay like this, when he casually said something that stuck in my mind and my heart, and had a big impact on me. Now that I am back to self-employment (after 5 years of full-time employment), I still think about his advice, and coming from the sweetest dad, I think it is the best advice and I will surely pass it on to my daughters, no matter what new endeavors they will be doing.

He said: "If you're honest with the people you work with and true to yourself, it will work out."

Then he went on to talk about other things, but I was stuck on this sentence. In the midst of all the business and "entrepreneurship" jargon advice that's all over the internet lately (don't get me wrong, a lot of it is actually great), it was refreshing to hear something that's more simple and real. And coincidentally, I heard it from the most honest person I know.

Thank you, dad!

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