• Louma.

100 big dresses, number 16, and a new addition to the Atelier collection.

A new keepsake illustration is available! I made her skin dark and her hair big. My best illustrated afro so far. I am very proud of it :)

The skin and hair color can be customized. I see her being a fair-skinned read head as well, with freckles (thinking about Aileen Quinn in the movie Annie (the red-headed orphan)). I may experiment with that next!

I named this one Gabrielle, and she is wearing a turquoise chiffon dress with a crochet trim. The crochet trim is my mom's contribution to the piece, but she didn't know that when she meticulously made it for me ❤

Pokidots framed keepsake gift, afro hair and crochet dress

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