• Louma.

New custom keepsake: sweet sailboat!

I was so thrilled about the response on my custom baby keepsakes! Thanks to all of you who supported me and sent me messages to congratulate me and order your keepsakes for the fall.

As expected, I had many inquiries about a keepsake that would work better for a boy's room, and I was prepared for that! I had started a sailboat illustration, and today I finished the first sailboat keepsake. It will go in my nephew's room, and who knows, maybe one day it will end up in his own baby's room.

Pokidots framed baby keepsake with baby clothes, sailboat

Here it is, with a picture of newborn Mark, wearing the clothes I used. So small and sweet.

The flag on the sailboat will be colored to match the sails, and there will be an option to add an initial on the flag, and/or a first name on the illustration.

The fashion illustration keepsakes can also be done with boy's clothes, in case mama wanted a piece to keep for herself, and she wanted glamour and sweet memories all at once :) ☮

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