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30-day water challenge and summer vibes.

Summer is here, and all the Seattleites are out walking, cycling, running, and taking care of their bodies. I started a 100-ounce-a-day water challenge 30 days ago, and yesterday was the last day.

Now 100 oz was pushing it a little; I was getting closer to 80 oz, which was sometimes about 80 oz more than I used to drink! I was still getting my 2 cups of coffee, and I would force in 10 additional ounces of water the days I had 3 cups of coffee.

Here is what happened:

- In the beginning, I was going to the bathroom a lot, but by day 3 it seems like my system got used to the extra fluid, and I was going to the bathroom less. Our bodies are fascinating.

- After the first week, I noticed that I had more energy. I felt like I had better focus, which led to being more productive, and as a result, I had more energy. I was also in a better mood because I was getting more done. It's like a chain reaction. Oh, and I didn't need the occasional third cup of coffee. (I still had 2 cups because, I wanted to drink coffee, I mean, it's coffee.)

- After the first week as well, I didn't have to think about drinking water and force myself to do it. My body was missing it and was asking for water. It had a new hydration standard, which made it easy for me to drink.

- I didn't notice any physical changes such as better skin or hair, but maybe that will come later; a lot of people say that water is the best skin treatment. It would be nice to notice a glow on my face down the road.

- Deciding to drink more water was a planned step to a healthier lifestyle, and it affected my food choices which started to be even healthier too.

Now that the challenge is done, I will keep drinking water, but I will aim for 60 to 80 oz per day; more if I work out or drink more coffee. I saw the benefits for myself and I like them! The energy and focus are definitely worth it!

And here is an older illustration I have that goes with the current summer vibes. Bright colors, messy bun, short flowy dress, and water!

Louma El-Khoury fashion illustration, yellow summer dress, fashion print

Have a good summer, everyone! ☮

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