• Louma.

100 big dresses—number 5, pink floral outlines.

Num­ber five! I have to say, it has been a lit­tle chal­leng­ing to find some quiet time to draw lately, with a new­born and a tod­dler, and liv­ing in a con­struc­tion site for the last 5 months! Now, the con­struc­tion is done, and we have a din­ing room with a deck, and a new bed­room and bath­room. Yay! And my lit­tle Leina is grow­ing, and of course sleep­ing right now, or I wouldn’t be writ­ing this.

I also found a new way to post my draw­ings: as pic­tures. I think it gives a warmer feel to the draw­ing, unlike the dig­i­tal images. And I get to be cre­ative with a dif­fer­ent setup each time, and prac­tice photography.

Louma El-Khoury fashion illustration, pink dress with flower outlines, fashion print

Num­ber five is wear­ing a light pink dress with flo­ral out­lines, and let­ting her thick curly hair flow. Her name is Brenda, and I took this pic­ture on the floor of the new din­ing room. ☮

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