• Louma.

100 big dresses—number 3, and happy new year!

For dress number 3, my inspiration was this dreamy sequin Valentino dress. A lovely dress to wear to a gala new year party. I think it's a beautiful combination of simple, elegant, and festive.

I saved my drawing process for this one to share here. The first four steps were fairly quick, but adding the sequin effect in the right places took some more work.

Louma El-Khoury fashion illustration, valentino sequin dress process, fashion print

Step 5 was to add the sequin effect and final highlights on the dress and the hair shadows.

Louma El-Khoury fashion illustration, Valentino sequin dress, fashion print

Et voilà! Anne Hathaway wore this dress to the Met Gala VII awards, back in 2010.

I hope everyone will have a great evening tonight celebrating the start of the new year, and that 2015 will be a good year for you all! ☮

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