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43 Things, 100 big dresses, and back to drawing. is closing!

I was so sad when I saw that; I have been a user of this great website for more than 5 years. I was not a daily user, but I did log in quite often, to review my list of goals and edit them. I loved the site; it was always a source of inspiration and motivation for me and I am so sad to see it dissolve after all these years… The best part was when I accomplished one of my listed goals, and logged in to set it as done. So rewarding!

I downloaded my content last night, and here are some of the things I’ve done:

Start a family—Laurie is almost a year old! Bike from Seattle to Vancouver—RSVP 2012! Get a Wacom Cintiq—Love it. Go to Hawaii—This is definitely back on my list.

Here are some of the remaining goals I had listed:

Stick to a workout routine. Speak/present in front of an audience. Swim with dolphins. Snorkel in Australia and the Pacific islands. See the northern lights from Alaska and Iceland.

And last, but not least…

Host an art party at home.

And as a farewell to 43things, I am starting on that last goal. I’ll host an art party at my place—it would be realistic to say some time in 2017—featuring 100 big dresses that I will share here too.

100 big dresses: Number 1, striped Oscar de la Renta.

The first dress had to be a special one, and I picked one of my all-time favorite designer dresses: Oscar De La Renta’s black and white striped big dress (SS 2013).

Louma El-Khoury fashion illustration, Oscar De La Renta striped dress, fashion print

First I drew the lines on Illustrator, with the pen tool, but they turned out too perfect, so I redrew them freehand. It took longer, but I liked the imperfection of the lines much better. ☮

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