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The day I discovered Tru Vue's Museum Glass.

I went to Blick art store last weekend to have a few of my illustrations printed, and something caught my eye on the custom framing counter: It was a box frame displaying Tru Vue's Museum Glass panel against their Conservation Clear glass panel, or what seemed to be close to regular glass (plus UV protection). Here it is:

True Vue's museum glass at Blick art store

I had to look closely to believe there was any glass on the right side of the frame! Both flowers are identical, and look how nice and crisp the colors are on the one that's behind the Museum Glass – which also had UV protection to prevent fading.

I didn't know this type of glass treatment existed, and I think it is amazing. It made me want to replace the glass on every framed thing I own! But then I asked about the price :) An 11"x14" panel of Museum Glass costs around $50. It is actually a great price to pay to protect valuable pieces of art, and especially to enjoy their true colors and clarity.

Here is how it's made. This diagram is taken from Tru Vue's website.

Just brilliant. ☮

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