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The "Pretty Planet" 2013 calendar is here!

The environmental crisis and the climate change are real, serious situations, and they are getting worse each year. If we put our minds to it and get involved, it wouldn't take too much to help reduce our impact on the planet and live cleaner and better. The "Pretty Planet" calendar does that in 2 ways:

1. It gives tips for a cleaner future Suggesting 12 simple green habits we can adopt – one each month – that can make a big environmental difference in the long run*.

2. $4 per calendar sold will be donated to the Climate Reality Project To help control the climate crisis around the world**.

This calendar is printed on 100% recycled cardstock and is on a mission that goes a long way.

Get your calendar for $7.99 here! <Closed!>

If you're in Seattle, you can also swing by Elliott Bay Book Company in Capitol Hill and buy it there!

If you would like to buy 5 calendars or more, please contact me so I could arrange the shipping charges for you.


* All the tips suggested in the calendar were inspired by Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth".

** A snippet from "We can stop the pollution that’s disrupting our climate – and we can turn to clean energy to power our world. Renewable energy is affordable, reliable, and available today. And our leaders must set the policies in place to make clean energy available to everyone. Together, we are calling on the leaders of the world to act now and solve this crisis. Reality is on our side."

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