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Greeting cards to fill in with more than just a signature.

I love receiving greeting cards. I love it for the personal message that the sender writes inside, and that's why I keep my greeting cards. Receiving a card with only a signature is so not personal; it's like it could be given to anyone. I don't keep these.

A few months ago, I started working with John Genovese on his new line of greeting cards. If you receive one of these cards, you can be sure it will be customized, and that you will get more than just a signature. John's point is to help the sender out by giving them the beginning of a message they will write in the card. The sender will have to fill it in, sign the card, and make someone happy. Brilliant! And the name of the company? Easy: FiLL Me In Greeting Cards (:

John gave me his fun ideas and I brought them to life with colorful cartoony illustrations. John is really nice, and very pleasant to work with. We started working together in March, and I only met him in person last May, when he dropped by Pokidots! booth at the Surtex show!

Here are some designs that I've done so far.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: the cards are printed in the U.S.A, and on recycled paper. Great!

Please visit the FiLL Me In Greeting Cards website to see all the cards available and to know more about the company.

And if you have your own line of greeting cards and are interested in Pokidots! illustrations, please contact me; I will be happy to work with you.☮

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